About Grand Strand Skygazers

This is your opportunity to take part in the Grand Strand's first astronomy club and be among the hundreds of astronomy clubs that have been organized in the past several years across the nation. South Carolina is home to a number of astronomy clubs that have given their members and their community a chance to learn and share the amazing wonders of our universe on an amateur level.

In recent years all around the world, astronomy has become more popular than ever. Advancements in professional and amateur level equipment and technology have revealed the beauty of the universe in ways never seen before. This past year an amateur astronomer discovered a deep-sky object using a modest 3-inch telescope from his backyard. This object had never before been identified or documented by anyone.

Astronomy clubs schedule meetings with guest speakers and share ideas, equipment knowledge and pointers as well as viewing experiences in a fun and educational setting. Holding public events called "star parties" is another way that astronomy clubs help to raise awareness in the community. This also allows first time telescope buyers a chance to experience different types of telescopes and other equipment before making an investment. For some, it will be an opportunity to have their first look through a telescope and see what they had only seen previously in photographs